Sleep Innovations 8-inch Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress Review

I was looking for a mattress that could mitigate my lower back aches. For this, I found out that the best type of mattress should have 2-3 inches of soft layer along with a hard lower support layer.

I have bought a number of mattresses via Walmart and Amazon but sadly I couldn’t get the desired one. Few of them had a softer middle layer, which is a killer for back problems. Others were a little too soft. My requirement was to buy a supportive mattress. Many of the Walmart mattresses were old and weren’t in a proper shape.

Finally I gave away and bought a Tempurpedic Cloud Mattress for $1400. It was a good experience in the beginning and gave me a good firm support but when the weather changed and climate became colder, the mattress become too hard just like a stone. I wanted a firm support but it became even harder for me to sleep on it.Sleep-Innovations-8-inch-Sure-Temp-Memory-Foam-Mattress

Another problem was its heat sensitivity. The mattress would be very hard in the beginning but then would soften after sometime. This product is 8 inch mattress with 4 inch memory foam along with 1 inch of soft egg crate and 3 inches of hard mattress. When you use the cold mattress, it is like a rock but then it starts submerging. The mattress sinks for some time till you have submerged about 4-5 inches into it. This amount of sinking is really too much.

A mattress that sinks specially in the middle is very bad for back aches, worse if you are a stomach sleeper. Unfortunately, the Temperpedic has this problem. The mattress becomes hot and starts sinking all night because of the weight of a person’s back. Because feet and head are lighter in weight and are supported by the pillow, the overall result is that back sinks quite low but head and feet stay up. This sinking mattress along with the weight and movements of sleep companion makes a very soft sinking mattress.

I emailed the customer service of Sleep Innovations 8 inch mattress. They gave me a very professional response. ILD is the standard system for the measurement of a mattress’s firmness. It works proportionally. The higher the number the more firm a mattress would be.

The customer service guided me that the mattress comprises of 2 inch layer of 3lb memory foam along an ILD of 9 and 6 inches layer of 2 lb polyurethane foam with a 40 ILD.

The most ideal density of memory foam is almost 3lb whereas Tempurpedic comes with 5.3lb and 7 lb density. The high density is directly proportional to temperature sensitivity. The higher the number, the more temperature sensitive mattress would be.

Also a 9 ILD mattress is a soft memory foam. The ILD for Tempurpedic is 13-14.

Sleep Innovations 8-inch Sure Temp Memory Foam MattressAdditionally, a 40 ILD base is quite firm. My other mattress was also described as having the ILD of 40 but its base is much more firm than that of Sleep Innovations. But Sleep Innovations base is firm enough to be supportive.

There are some mattresses which are not so practical because of huge contrasts in layer firmness. The memory foam can be easily plunged to reach the firm base. But this Sleep Innovations mattress works quite wonderfully. The mattress doesn’t compress or changes its firmness on slight use. It rises nicely from base foam to the memory foam without sudden change. The mattress has a quality design but it is not as good as the Tempurpedic. In the end, now my back pains have gone since a month of using this mattress. I have stopped searching for a mattress for a long time now.

I would totally recommend this product to anyone who is in a need of a normal but firm mattress to get good support. I would specially recommend it to those who have constant lower back pains.