Shopping Around for Better Cable TV

My parents were mentioning that they weren’t very happy with their cable TV recently. Since they watch to much TV I thought I’d look into it for them. Their biggest complaint is that their bill keeps getting raised for no reason. I told them they should check out for some better deals than what they’re paying for. They took me up on it and looked at their deals. They decided to jump ship and get a package with directv instead. They watch a lot of TV, almost too much if you ask me. Every time I go to visit them their tivo is always full. They watch so many shows it’s kind of mind boggling. Now that they have a new cable TV service, they can continue watching their favorite shows while paying less money in the long run.

I brought to their attention that they also have access to some new channels, some of which are ones that I enjoy. I introduced them to one of my favorite shows and they ended up getting hooked by it. Some people say that watching TV is a lazy, antisocial thing. But it doesn’t have to be. When I watch TV with my parents it’s almost like we’re bonding. Yeah I guess that is a lazy sort of bonding but it’s better than nothing. It’s nice to be able to help out my parents like this. Since I’ve shopped around for the best deal with my internet and cable TV, I thought I’d spread the knowledge around and let them know that there was a better deal than what they were paying. They’re quite pleased with their new TV package and always remember to thank me for it whenever they see me. I recommend checking out their package if you’re interested.